Lori Edwards, Polk County Supervisor of Elections
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In addition to voting at the polls and by mail, voting early is one of the "3 Easy Ways to Vote" in Polk County.  It begins 10 days prior and ends 3 days prior to Election Day.  Although voting prior to Election Day has been available for many years, early voting's popularity increased during the 2004 election cycle.

Any voter, registered in Polk County, may stop in at any one of our locations to vote in person prior to Election Day.  Please note:  To eliminate delays, please bring photo and signature identification (example: Driver's license, Florida ID, Military ID, Student ID, US Passport) when you vote early.  According to a new Florida Law, if you are unable to provide photo and signature ID you will be issued a provisional ballot.

For more information contact the Early Voting Department at 863-534-5888.