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NOVEMBER 5, 2019

Voter registration deadline - oCTOBER 7, 2019

City residents who are registered to vote and would like to participate in the November 5th Lakeland Municipal Election are reminded to inform the Elections Office of any name or address changes prior to Election Day.  To change your voter information on-line, click here.

Voter Info Lookup (click here)

Sample Ballot (click here)

Voter Registration Information (click here)


1. Vote by mail

    To request a vote by mail ballot, click here.

2. Walk-In Voting: October 28th - November 2nd

     Election Headquarters: (Click here for map) 
     250 S. Broadway Ave, Bartow 
     8:30am - 4:30pm Weekdays and 10am - 2pm Saturday 

     Operations Center(Click here for map)
     70 Florida Citrus Blvd, Winter Haven
     8:30am - 4:30pm Weekdays and 10am - 2pm Saturday

     Polk County Government Center(Click here for map)
     930 E. Parker St, Lakeland
     8:30am - 4:30pm Weekdays and 10am - 2pm Saturday 

3. Vote at your precinct:  (See polling locations below): 

    Polls are open 7am to 7pm on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. 


Some voters will have a new polling location for this election only. Please use your precinct number, found on your voter information card, to select your polling location from the list below:

  • Precincts 107, 117 and 125 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Believers' Fellowship Church, 5240 N. Socrum Loop Rd
  • Precinct 112 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Gibsonia Baptist Church, 5440 US Hwy 98 N
  • Precinct 120 votes at: (Click here for map)
    The Estates at Carpenters, 1001 Carpenters Way 
  • Precinct 121 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Victory Assembly of God - Hospitality Suite, 1401 Griffin Rd 
  • Precinct 201 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Arbor Hills, 4145 Lakeland Hills Blvd
  • Precinct 204 votes at:(Click here for map)
    Coleman-Bush Building, 1104 Martin L King Jr Ave 
  • Precinct 205 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Ewing Memorial 7th Day Adventist Church, 1201 N. Webster Ave 
  • Precinct 206 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Lakeland 7th Day Adventist Church, 1435 Gilmore Ave 
  • Precincts 207, 211 and 217 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Lake Mirror Center, 121 S. Lake Ave
  • Precincts 209, 210, and 212 votes at: (Click here for map)
    First Baptist Institutional Church, 932 Martin L King Jr Ave  
  • Precincts 213 and 220 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Hilton Garden Inn, 3839 Don Emerson Dr
  • Precinct 214 votes at: (Click here for Map)
    Trinity United Methodist Church, 715 Cornelia Ave 
  • Precinct 216 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Florida Presbyterian Homes McArthur Center, 811 S. Lakeside Ave
  • Precincts 218 and 225 votes at: (Click here for map)
    New Beginning Church of Nazarene (Nuevo Comienzo), 2119 N. Crystal Lake Dr
  • Precinct 221 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Heatherwood Village, 1925 Harden Blvd
  • Precinct 222 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Legacy Christian Church, 901 W. Beacon Rd  
  • Precinct 223 votes at: (Click here for map)
    College Heights Methodist Church, 942 South Blvd 
  • Precinct 224 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Chapel in the Grove, 1540 New Jersey Rd 
  • Precinct 228 votes at: (Click here for map)
    United Methodist Temple, 2700 S. Florida Ave 
  • Precinct 229 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Kelly Recreation Complex, 404 Imperial Blvd 
  • Precinct 230 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Cleveland Heights Baptist Church, 3120 Cleveland Heights Blvd 
  • Precinct 231 votes at: (Click here for map)
    First Alliance Church, 1919 E Edgewood Dr 
  • Precincts 233 and 234 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Church of the Resurrection, 3720 Old Road 37 
  • Precinct 235 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Fellowship Baptist Church, 4625 Cleveland Heights Blvd 
  • Precinct 236 votes at: (Click here for map)
    Highland Park Church - Worship Center, 4777 Lakeland Highlands Rd