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Candidate Information Booklet: This web booklet covers information candidates need when seeking office in Polk County. 

State 2024 Candidate Handbook

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Qualifying Office Pursuant to Rule 1S-2.0001

Location and address of Supervisor of Elections qualifying office for the following offices:  Clerk of Court and Comptroller; County Commission; County Judge; Property Appraiser; School Board; Sheriff; Supervisor of Elections; Tax Collector and special district candidates:

Supervisor of Elections Operations Center
70 Florida Citrus Blvd.
Winter Haven, FL 33880


2024 Qualifying Dates

Judicial - Noon, April 22 - Noon, April 26, 2024

County  - Noon, June 10 - Noon, June 14, 2024


Filing: Campaign Finance Report filing requirements for Polk County candidates and committees.  All candidates and committees are required to comply with electronic filing requirements.

Current Candidates and Committees: Review the list of candidates and political committees for upcoming elections of specific interest to Polk County. 

Candidate Services: The Supervisor of Elections Office website provides a number of candidate-related services that will be of interest to both Candidates and Voters.

Past Political Party Financial Reports: Read through Past Political Party financial reports to obtain information on Political Party financial history. 

Voter Polling Locations: Click here to review a complete list of polling locations sorted by precinct number.