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what are election workers?

Election Workers are Polk County voters appointed by the Supervisor of Elections to make up the “Election Board” for each precinct, tasked with performing election procedures in the polling place on Election Day.

Is it a paid position? Election Workers

Yes. Election Workers are paid for training plus a flat rate for the day. Total pay ranges from $110-$250 per election, depending on the position held.  

is there a test? 

Yes. At the election worker info meeting, each potential election worker must pass a short basic skills assessment that measures ability to do simple arithmetic and alphabetizing.


At the completion of training, election workers must pass a quiz that measures their understanding of the duties of the position they have been trained to fill on election day.

can i work at my own precinct? 

While we try to assign election workers to their preferred polling place, election workers must be willing to work at a nearby location if needed.

how long is a typical day? 

Election workers typically work from 6:00 am until around 8:00 pm on election day.

can i go home for lunch or run an errand during the work day?

No. All election workers are required, by law, to remain at their assigned location for the duration of the workday. Election workers need to bring all the necessary food and snacks they will need throughout the day to the polling location.


if you would like to register to attend an election worker info meeting, click here, call us at 863-534-5888, or e-mail